The drum is a powerful instrument.

The drum has been used by practically every culture known to mankind for a variety of purposes. Indigenous people throughout Turtle Island refer to it as the heartbeat of Mother Earth. It is believed to be a connector to the other worlds of both animal and spirit and has the power to heal illness.

The beat of the drum awakens energy within and allows a person to focus, ground and see clear intent. It resonates and carries healing into the body mind and spirit. An ill person’s mental, emotional and physical conditions are thought to be transformed by the enchanting rhythmic vibration of the drumbeat and song. It is believed the illness can then resonate to other medical treatments and assist in recovery.

The Drumming and Sacred Clearing I offer can be performed in either a private session or workshop. It is an excellent way to connect to self and find inner calm.

During these sessionsy you will be supported on a personal spiritual connection through the drum and clearing ceremony. Through my professional knowledge, training and experience I work with you to move and transform any internal unrest, helping you move through any difficulties, frustrations and doubts to bring balance to your life. 

Drum Created by Anni