The therapies, workshops and training offered are flexible and designed to meet the target group and individual needs . 


Are offered in private sessions. Through these private sessions I can support and guide you to reach your potential self.

The healings will vary, not all sessions will be the same. I use a holistic approach to body, mind and spiritual wellness.

Massage, hypnosis and healing can be combined the cost will vary depending on the type of combination of treatment and healing.

SOME EXAMPLES ARE: Traditional Healing, Intuitive Bodywork and Energy Work; Remedial and Relaxation Massage; Tui Na Massage; Spiritual and Transpersonal Counselling; Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Relaxation and Visualization;

Allow 2 hour initial consult to 1.1/2 hours depending on type of treatment.

Talk with Anni when making booking.


In the drum workshop you will be given a personal healing with the drum and be taken on a journey to connect with your inner self. You will experience a personal spiritual connection through the drum and ceremony.


In the workshop you will make and connect to your dream catcher. The workshop is held in ceremony and spiritual intent.


The workshop combines various forms of healing and visualization techniques, allowing participants to explore inner thoughts and emotions, this is a workshop where sharing and support are encouraged and participants set the pace of the session.


In the workshop we will be making a rattle out of rawhide. (see examples in photos) The workshop is held in ceremony and spiritual intent. The rawhide for your rattles must dry, depending on the weather it could take a few days, so this workshop will be held over two workshops a week apart.

REIKI WORKSHOPS: Reiki 1 Reiki 2 Reiki Masters

When attuned to Reiki Level 1, also called 1st degree (self-healing), you sense the energy

When attuned to Reiki Level 2, also called 2nd degree (practitioner’s level), you consciously call the energy

When attuned to the Reiki Master Teacher Level, also called 3rd degree (teaching level), you become the energy

COUNSELLING HYPNOTHERAPY AND LIFE COACHING: I can assist you with a range of issues from day-to-day concerns to more serious issues in personal life, work life or relationships.  I am committed to results, and upholding confidentiality and professionalism. All sessions are tailored to your specific needs and outcome.


A holistic approach to safety and wellbeing. Everyone has a right to be safe and feel confident.

On completion of these workshops participants will be able to:

Implement alternative methods to deal with threatening behaviours and challenging situations. Use body language and voice control to confidently deal with harassment and confrontation. Use a range of techniques to defuse anger. Apply basic self-defence techniques. Understand the importance of taking care of self. Use techniques and strategies to take care of self. Undestand and apply methods to protect and nurture their physical- emotional- psychological -spiritual health and wellbeing.

In these sessions you will learn strategies and tactics on how to stay safe while doing the things you enjoy.

No fitness required:

Mother and daughter sessions area also available:

I am an national and international presenter and have state and national accredited courses.

I have designed and implemented self defence classes, violence prevention programs and in 1992 received an Inaugural Australian Violence Prevention award. My Martial Arts career spans 38 years. I believe my holistic approach to workshops and counseling empowers and encourages people to take responsibility for their well-being.

Blessings, Anni RedEagle

Dip Rem Therapies, Cert Tui Na Massage,

Cert Hypnosis, NLP Practitioner

Cert Coach NLP ,Cert Relaxation Massage

Cert Accr M H F A, Accreditation ARC SA 2000

Author self-publisher, International Presenter

Martial Arts Inst, Ingl Violence Prevention Award

Dip Aboriginal Yth Com work, Cert 1V Com Services