Professional Development Training Workshops:

I am an national and international presenter I have designed and delivered numerous workshops and programs for community groups-government and non government agencies and community service providers in Australia and overseas.

I have designed and implemented violence prevention programs, received an Inaugural Australian Violence Prevention award, studied human behaviour and various healing techniques. My holistic approach empowers and encourages people to take responsibility for their wellbeing.

With its emphasis on holistic education these workshops promote the development of physical emotional psychological and spiritual wellbeing through lifestyle balancing.

The workshops and training I offer are flexible and designed to meet the target group needs. The programs are adapted to fit individual and workplace requirements. They are affordable and can be designed to be delivered by the individual organisations.

The workshops incorporate healthy lifestyle-balancing strategies in an holistic framework with its emphasis on holistic education. As participants learn to deal effectively with challenging situations in the community services they will explore their own behaviors, beliefs and attitudes toward decision making and problem solving, assertiveness, conflict management and personal safety. This results in improved self awareness and self confidence.

On completion of these workshops participants will be able to:

Implement alternative methods to deal with challenging behaviours. Use body language and voice control to confidently deal with harassment and confrontation. Use a range of techniques to defuse anger. Use team-work strategies and support systems. Apply basic self-defence techniques

These workshops share a common approach, with the physical- emotional- psychological -spiritual health and wellbeing of a person being the cornerstone of holistic education. Trainees are therefore encouraged to consider the advantages of attending these workshops.

The workshops are ideal for people working in high risk situations and workplaces such as:

Hospital staff. Residential care workers. Youth workers. Teachers. Service Providers and Professionals. Carers. Community Services. Students and Youth groups. 

Example of workshops offered:

Note: The workshops are flexible and can be combined in any order to meet organisational requirements

Dealing with Difficult Clients and Situations

Challenging Behaviors and Managing High Risk Situations

Managing your Stress, Self Care and Wellness

Debriefing techniques

Effectively Communicate with Service Providers and Professionals

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Consultation and Problem Solving

Maintaining Positive Attitudes in the Workplace

These training workshops encourage workers to explore their beliefs and attitudes and acquire skills in the following:

Violence prevention

Conflict resolution and Self protection

Team work and Support systems-

Safety and Security procedures.

As stated the workshops can be customized to meet the needs of particular learners and groups.

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Dip Aboriginal Yth Com work,

Cert 1V Com Services

Cert Accr M H F A, Accreditation ARC SA 2000

Author self-publisher, International Presenter

Martial Arts Inst, Ingl Violence Prevention Award

Dip Rem Therapies, Cert Tui Na Massage,

Cert Relaxation Massage